The Benefits Of Social Media

Businesses are turning more toward using social media, mainly in the form of advertising their business. This offers a wide range of benefits. One of the main benefits of using social media is that it allows you to target your desired audience. Your advertisement will be directed and shared with a certain demographic which you choose. Alongside paid advertisement, you can also create your own social media business page. The benefit of this is that it allows you to create posts yourself, which friends and customers can share to help grow your business. This also allows you to interact with your customers, building up a bond with them. In theory, making you a more trustworthy business with your reputation. Social media helps you to grow your business in many ways. With lots of people focusing more on social media than other forms of advertisement. In our eyes, it is an investment worth making.

Why Are Companies Opting For Freelancers?

You will begin to notice that more companies are opting to use freelances over hiring someone for the job. But why is this?

One of the main reasons for why freelancer are being used is because it saves companies money. When using a freelancer, you are only paying for what you need. Therefore there is not a set wage needing to be paid.

Following on from this, hiring a freelance when you need work is much easier than hiring someone permanently. It takes time to find a single person who will fit in with your business. However, with freelancers if you only need them for so much work they will not be a main aspect of your company.

Finally, hiring freelancers allows you more freedom. You are able to explore a range of people, but if you find someone who works you can stick with them. Allowing you to gain work from a range of people for a small cost.

How Can I Advertise My Business?

There are many different ways in which you can advertise your business. I am going to share some of these with you.

One of the best forms of advertisement happens to be free. This is word of mouth. This is basically people talking about your company. If people are talking about a company, more people will want to use it. The best part has to be that it is free, therefore you can make money from it!

Another way which you can advertise your company if through flyers or leaflets. This is another cheap way to advertise your business as they do not cost a lot to print. All you will need to do is drop them round to peoples houses and let the leaflet do the work. This allows you to target a certain area where you want customers to be from. The only issue is that people may not always look at these meaning they will not discover your company.

How will SEO help my business

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is at the heart of many websites.  Having a great looking website iOS important but without ranking high within search engines can be troublesome for businesses.  Search engines use Algorithms to rank websites in order of appearance.  The higher up the search page the more traffic your website is likely to achieve.  SEO writers will use their skills to push your website up the ranks.  They will then monitor and maintain your websites visibility in search engines to maximise your website traffic.  

Using A reputable Website Management Company will ensure your website has regular content updates, 3rd party linking back to your website and the Visibility within key word searching.

So in short, having SEO for your website is one of the most important things you should consider in order to be placed higher up in search engine rankings.

Without using SEO your website will rely purely on your advertising of it and this traffic this alone will not have a large impact of its overall visibility.

Top Tips For Becoming A Freelance Writer

So you are wanting to become a freelance writer. Here are some of my top tips for starting off as a freelance writer.

Always Do Your Research
It is extremely important that you always research into the topic you are writing about or the company you are writing for. This will build up a good reputation for you.

Make sure you keep yourself organised. Planning will become your best friend. Make sure you give yourself days off of writing and regular breaks. Plan how many articles you want to write a day so you don’t overwork yourself.

Create your own blog where you can write about topics of your choice. Whether that be your life or what is happening in the world. This will help build up your reputation.

Looking Daily
Look online daily for work opportunities. Get into contact with companies asking if they need any writing completing. The worst that can happen is people say no.