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SEO for small start-ups

If you’ve only just go your online business up and running, then you’re probably find out that your website is not achieving because it needs SEO. People search for products and services through search engines, and if your website is not there to be found, your business may not get off to the start you wanted.

The good thing is that if you are reading this, you’ve already through a little about SEO. And we are providing your with a few tips to get started using search engine optimisation.

  • Firstly register with Google and Bing webmaster tools and analytics to check your performance regularly, and see which changed have helped or damaged your traffic and performance.
  • Fix links that are misfiring – Links are important, especially when they are working, so any links to your own site should be working well.
  • Create SEO content. This sounds easier said than done, but common sense can help your website here. Don’t go overboard and write things that are completely spammy and not engaging or interesting to read, make sure you have keywords in the text, but a reasonable amount, because search engines can suss you out.
  • Know your websites purpose. This is essential because if you don’t know what you want visitors to do, they won’t either. Is it to make them sign up for an email campaign, is it to follow you on social media sites, or perhaps to make them buy a product. This should show through in your SEO.


If you don’t feel very confident, and you’re afraid your own SEO will do more damage than good, than hire an experienced SEO to do it for you.