Why You Shouldn’t Start As A Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr’s cheap model targets cheap clients who browse the site looking for the cheapest freelancers to get their job done at the lowest possible cost. Most of them don’t even care about the quality, they just want the job done for cheap. Which is very annoying from our point of view.

Would you rather be known as the guy who designs logos for $5 or the guy who design logos for million-pound startups?

Even if you managed to catch the attention of a good client, Fiverr limits your pricing to either $5, $25, $50, or $100. Sure you can also add extras or ask for multiple order placements to charge higher for your services, but each time a buyer places an order, Fiverr then takes 20% off of each order! Don’t forget the Paypal processing fee also. Is all of this worth it?

Value the work you do and the skills you have. Fiverr is good to make money on the side, but as a freelancer the earning potential is so much more.

Why more small businesses now outsource tasks

It’s true that so many small business owners want to handle every aspect of their company, and it’s usually for the satisfaction of knowing everything that is going on. This is natural and they’re likely predominately interested in:

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Customer service
  • Outgoings
  • Competition

The idea of having an external company or employee to handle all major financial aspects of a personal company is what turns away most small business owners from outsourcing. However, outsourcing is a great method for handling accounting tasks that small businesses should utilize. By employing a company that employees highly trained accountants that train in small business accounting to handle some of, if not all of your accounting tasks, small businesses are able to focus more on their core competencies.

Reduced costs

Outsourcing for small business permits them to keep expenses low in the initial stages of the business. It also makes the business look more attractive to investors as they have more capital to invest in revenue-generating activities.

Better efficiency

Outsourcing gives you a competitive advantage as your operational costs are less than your competitors and you can keep your prices lower to the disadvantage of your competitors.

Reduces risk

With the help of a development outsourcing company, you can decrease your risk of embarking on new projects without investing heavily in personnel and material resources. If things don’t work out, you can end the contract. If it does work out, you can always bring in the resources in-house.

If you are a businessperson whether that be an ‘ordinary businessman’ or an ‘online entrepreneur’, then you have probably have heard of outsourcing. Nowadays, outsourcing has been one viable option when it comes to some of the tasks or needs that your business presence. Outsourcing companies are equipped to handle multiple tasks though and you can build up a strong long-term relationship with a reputable outsourcing services provider. By employing them they can handle accounting tasks. Small firms are able to use their internal employees to focus on and start new projects without worrying about the financial aspect.

There’s no doubt about it, the internet has made it possible for small businesses and startups to take advantage of low costs. You can outsource website work, accountancy, marketing, advertising, design, stock management and application development among other aspects. Outsourcing has been a game changer for small firms in recent years and we’re likely to see this trend continue. That said, with there being a huge range of outsourcing companies and freelancers to choose from it’s also quite easy to wind up with an inexperienced ‘cowboy’ as known in the trade. So there is some element of risk involved when you’re searching for a reliable individual or team to carry out your tasks and improve efficiency. We recommend you take your time and do your research; reading reviews until you find an individual or company that’s right for you, and always haggle to get the lowest price possible.

Why Google Business is great for SEO

Google Business is very useful for SEO and for a number of reasons. For those of you who are unsure what Google Business is, it’s designed to help customers interact with your business. Everything is at hand: business contacts, website address, reviews, location and business hours. So let’s say that someone searches for your company online, your very own business listing in Google will appear (if you’ve signed up to goggle Business and created an account). This appears high up in search results in mobile or on the left hand side in desktop, so it does stand out from the other search results. The user can then decide what they want to do next, whether that be read some reviews, see where you are on the map or check your opening times. It also verifies that you’re a legitimate company.

Digital Agencies: A new year, a new office

Digitalisation is the utilisation of digital innovations to change a plan of action and give new income and esteem creating openings. This may not mean much to some, but in simple terms, it is essentially moving to a digital business. There are many agencies which will be upgrading their offices this year, but before we lead into this, there are some important questions to answer first:

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers any type of promoting that uses the digital form whether that be email, websites, SMS messages or social media. It incorporates online activities and digital promoting. The universe of advertising has experienced a big change in recent years. The traditional strategies of advertising are noticeably out of date and digital marketing is assuming control.

What is a Digital Agency?

A Digital Agency is a team of individuals who are responsible for helping businesses adjust to the latest trends of the digital age. An agency may offer innovative, key and specialised improvement of websites, apps and social networking, whilst there’s also content creation, design and email marketing.

What does a digital agency need in terms of office space?

A decent office space will allow for independent work as well as team work, so there needs to be areas where team can get creative and individuals can work quietly to complete their tasks.

Sales/Marketing Team – The group of salespeople and advertisers will no doubt be in an isolated area where they can make phone calls throughout the day and focus on telesales and email sales.

Task group and Managers – Many offices have special areas for the most important members of the team, such as a SEO expert, SMO supervisors and so forth who are overseen by an exceptionally experienced and talented director.

Website design and improvement – They assemble best sites and plan the designs to deliver something the client is extremely proud of. They often work on the best laptops such as MacBooks, and they require the best processors on the market to launch advanced applications.

Content Team: A group of writers or journalists who are capable and have a solid hold over the English language. They often need some space to get creative, so perhaps sitting on sofas where they can unwind and relax as they allow their creative juices to start flowing.

CRM – Customer relationship administration is a key part for any group that audits the tasks and goals and manages the customer. They are the ones mindful to take the customer’s input to the group for feedback.

QA and Reports – This group is in charge of sales sat, reports and price checks. They additionally ensure these are being accounted for back to customer appropriately.

With all of these areas, how big a job is a new office?

It’s a huge task, but there are specialist firms who can help. Let’s say you need to buy lots of new furniture for new team member such as desks, computers, smartphones, tablets and lounge areas, then why not choose a team of interior designers to help you. If you were planning an office fit out Peterborough for example, then you should look in the local area for interior designers who have similar experience in their locker. Some fit out experts will help you find deals you never knew existed, so they can actually help you maximise ROI in terms of deign and future, whilst creating a workspace that’s encourages productivity.

Time is your friend

We’ve all seen those emails that fly in from SEO companies in India who can give you ‘number one rankings instantly’, and for many small business owners it’s tempting to let them have a go and see how well they do. We advise against this, and it’s important you know SEO takes time and the best companies will reassure you of this. Time is definitely your friend with regards to SEO and it makes logical sense. Google should not trust you over competition that has existed for decades, whilst you’re just a newbie on the block. It takes time for Google to trust your website, and you have to show them you’re willing to do all of the right things first, such as producing relevant, engaging and targeted content on a regular basis. You may want to look into more technical aspects like site speed, responsive deign and link profiles to better your SEO efforts, but one thing you should always take into account is that it takes time. Be patient and persistent, and you will succeed.