Digital Agencies: A new year, a new office

Digitalisation is the utilisation of digital innovations to change a plan of action and give new income and esteem creating openings. This may not mean much to some, but in simple terms, it is essentially moving to a digital business. There are many agencies which will be upgrading their offices this year, but before we lead into this, there are some important questions to answer first:

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers any type of promoting that uses the digital form whether that be email, websites, SMS messages or social media. It incorporates online activities and digital promoting. The universe of advertising has experienced a big change in recent years. The traditional strategies of advertising are noticeably out of date and digital marketing is assuming control.

What is a Digital Agency?

A Digital Agency is a team of individuals who are responsible for helping businesses adjust to the latest trends of the digital age. An agency may offer innovative, key and specialised improvement of websites, apps and social networking, whilst there’s also content creation, design and email marketing.

What does a digital agency need in terms of office space?

A decent office space will allow for independent work as well as team work, so there needs to be areas where team can get creative and individuals can work quietly to complete their tasks.

Sales/Marketing Team – The group of salespeople and advertisers will no doubt be in an isolated area where they can make phone calls throughout the day and focus on telesales and email sales.

Task group and Managers – Many offices have special areas for the most important members of the team, such as a SEO expert, SMO supervisors and so forth who are overseen by an exceptionally experienced and talented director.

Website design and improvement – They assemble best sites and plan the designs to deliver something the client is extremely proud of. They often work on the best laptops such as MacBooks, and they require the best processors on the market to launch advanced applications.

Content Team: A group of writers or journalists who are capable and have a solid hold over the English language. They often need some space to get creative, so perhaps sitting on sofas where they can unwind and relax as they allow their creative juices to start flowing.

CRM – Customer relationship administration is a key part for any group that audits the tasks and goals and manages the customer. They are the ones mindful to take the customer’s input to the group for feedback.

QA and Reports – This group is in charge of sales sat, reports and price checks. They additionally ensure these are being accounted for back to customer appropriately.

With all of these areas, how big a job is a new office?

It’s a huge task, but there are specialist firms who can help. Let’s say you need to buy lots of new furniture for new team member such as desks, computers, smartphones, tablets and lounge areas, then why not choose a team of interior designers to help you. If you were planning an office fit out Peterborough for example, then you should look in the local area for interior designers who have similar experience in their locker. Some fit out experts will help you find deals you never knew existed, so they can actually help you maximise ROI in terms of deign and future, whilst creating a workspace that’s encourages productivity.

Time is your friend

We’ve all seen those emails that fly in from SEO companies in India who can give you ‘number one rankings instantly’, and for many small business owners it’s tempting to let them have a go and see how well they do. We advise against this, and it’s important you know SEO takes time and the best companies will reassure you of this. Time is definitely your friend with regards to SEO and it makes logical sense. Google should not trust you over competition that has existed for decades, whilst you’re just a newbie on the block. It takes time for Google to trust your website, and you have to show them you’re willing to do all of the right things first, such as producing relevant, engaging and targeted content on a regular basis. You may want to look into more technical aspects like site speed, responsive deign and link profiles to better your SEO efforts, but one thing you should always take into account is that it takes time. Be patient and persistent, and you will succeed.

Why Google Business is so important

Google Business can put companies on the map quite literally, even if they don’t have a website, so many local shops use it to their advantage, gaining customers in a free and simple way. That said, even medium-sized and large companies should make use of Google Business because it’s a place people visit to find more information about your company, and many people will find your Google Business listing when they search for your company name in Google. They can then quickly and easily press a button to call you, visit your website or email you, whilst you can view your statistics to see how your performance is improving or declining. Every company in the world should have a Google Business Listing, so be sure to look into it if you haven’t already, you may gain 5 more leads a month or perhaps 500. That may of course not be the case, but on the whole, it’s just another way people can find you.

One page websites; Perfect for small businesses

One page websites are becoming more popular as more companies are creating their own websites. It is uncommon these days for a business not to have a website, as most marketing is now web-based.

Creating a one-page website is perfect for small businesses, such as hair salons, coffee shops and small boutiques. As you scroll down the main page, the viewer can see all the information they need. Saying that there are still menu buttons, but instead of taking you to a new page, it scrolls down to the relevant section.

A large-scale website can be difficult to manage and is somewhat unnecessary for smaller businesses, pages can appear empty, sometimes making the business add irrelevant content to fill out space. With a one-page design, you can keep content direct and relevant and add eye-catching visuals to accompany any written text. So, if you are considering creating a new website for your small business, you may want to consider the benefits of a one-page design.

Increasing web traffic with Instagram paid Ads

With an ever-expanding user base, social media is no longer just a place where friends keep in touch, but a hub of business and market activities. Social media marketing is now more effective than some of the traditional marketing strategies. This is in part due to the large potential customer base that is easily accessed through the click of a button.

Understanding the importance and power of Instagram as a tool for promoting your business is key to gaining the advantage over your competition. Instagram recorded an increase in the average number of active users from six hundred (600) million in December of 2016, to seven hundred (700) million active users by April of 2017.

With a market of 700 million potential customers, using the right approach to reach your target group is very important and necessary. Using the Instagram paid Ads is one fundamental way of reaching your potential clients. The paid Ads grants you access to the huge database of Instagram users where you can advertise your product and drive traffic to your site.