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Do I Need SEO Help?

Business owners, do you understand SEO? Do you understand its importance and how it is going to positively impact your business? If you answered no, then you need SEO help!

SEO is an amazing technique to use to help amplify your business growth in an organic way. It is going to help to get your business seen by search engines. Enabling them to put your business website near the top of the search results when certain phrases are searched for.

If you want to see how your business is doing, search for phrases you think is what your customers will look for. Does your website appear on the first page of the results? If yes, great! If not, speak to someone who has a deep understanding of SEO. This will truly help to amplify business growth, and you will find more customers come your way from a simple google search.

Why Are SEO Techniques A Big Secret?

If you ask any company about their SEO for their website, the question will likely be ignored and pushed to one side, or a generic answer will be given. So, why are SEO techniques such a big secret between companies.

Truth be told, companies are always in competition with each other. Sharing your SEO secrets for placing your website near the top of search engine results is like a chef giving out their secret ingredients. It is just never heard of.

It is likely if you work for any website development company that you know of many SEO techniques from all different companies. But, you have likely signed a contract where you cannot share these ideas if you leave. Every company wants to protect their business, which is why you will not see them discussing their SEO services.

There is the opportunity to hire SEO experts to help you to boost your SEO, but you will never learn the techniques from other brands!

Tips For Writing Effective SEO Content

Writing SEO content is essential for any business, with the main purpose of this being to boost your website traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today, we are going to share with you some top tips for you to write effective SEO articles.

Write For Your Audience
The most important aspect to consider with any written work is writing for your audience. To make your writing as effective as possible you need to consider your audience. Ensure your wording and content are appropriate for them.

Keyword Research
To write effective SEO content you need to ensure you conduct in-depth keyword research. This helps you to include these keywords that are highly searched for within the niche in your article. Helping your content to boost the position of the website in search engine search results.

Choose Your Title Carefully
When writing any content, the title is one of the most important aspects. The first piece of text that anyone will read. You need to ensure that your heading is attention-grabbing to your audience, as well as clearly tells them exactly what your content is about. You should also include your keywords in the title of your article to ensure it appears in search results.

Monitor Your Activity
To ensure that you provide effective content, you should monitor how well it does. Discovering if it is content that is highly viewed by your audience. If people do click and interact with your content. This helps you to discover what topics you should continue writing about, the ones that are of most interest to your audience.

These are our top 5 tips for writing effective SEO content. It is always important that you remember to write for your audience and nobody else. As they are the people who will be viewing your content.

How can I keep Google happy?

Google has over 90% of the market share of search engines worldwide and that’s not going to change drastically any time soon. This then leads many businesses to utiise the tools Google has to offer, but from purely an SEO perspective (search engine optimisation – not paid ads) companies want to know what Google wants to see from them on a regular basis. Google has its own starter guide for businesses and it’s all very friendly to read, but everything seems to link back to a few major aspects, relevancy and quality content. You can’t create a website that’s relevant and valuable for your audience if you do not provide quality content that appeals to their interests. Here’s one of their pieces of advice for example:

“A blog post on your own site letting your visitor base know that you added something new is a great way to get the word out about new content or services. Other webmasters who follow your site or RSS feed could pick the story up as well.”

Google’s algorithm is built about rewarding those who add value to the internet and offer answers to questions their users are longing for. Google is a search engine, so the more relevant you are to a specific set of searches the better, but you can’t dominate for every search phrase so you do have to pick and choose. You may find that you simply do not have the time or resources to produce content every day for Google just to boost your SEO rankings, and that’s fine, but why not choose one of the many it outsourcing companies to help you out. If you find a firm who can produce quality content that’s unique to your brand for a small fee, it could be well worth the investment because you’re still giving Google exactly what it wants; fresh, engaging and valuable content.

Why Google Business is great for SEO

Google Business is very useful for SEO and for a number of reasons. For those of you who are unsure what Google Business is, the system is designed to help customers interact with your business. Everything is at hand: business contacts, website address, reviews, location and business hours. So let’s say that someone searches for your company online, your very own business listing in Google will appear (if you’ve signed up for Google Business and created an account). This appears high up in search results in mobile or on the left-hand side in desktop, so it does stand out from the other search results. The user can then decide what they want to do next, whether that be to read some reviews, see where you are on the map or check your opening times. It also verifies that you’re a legitimate company.