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Flattr: The World’s Next Social Sharing Button-

Today, social sharing buttons are, essentially, a core component of most web content. Users “like” content for Facebook, retweet it for Twitter, +1 it for Google+, or even pin it for Pinterest.

Since these actions are becoming a particularly popular way of selling content around the Internet, a Swedish based company that has put a completely unique spin on social sharing hopes to become the following big sharing mechanism. The service is known as Flattr and is designed to aid people share not just content, but additionally money.

Is there room for an additional social sharing button- Tell us.

Flattr is the area’s first micro-payment service and allows users to make monetary donations to their favorite bloggers and publishers. As Flattr’s CEO and Co-founder Linus Olsson explained to WebProNews, users set an amount for the way much money they need to donate, and, on the end of the month, Flattr divides it evenly between the entire content they’ve “flattr’d.”

Although it is usually generally known as an “Internet tip jar,” Olsson told us that users don’t make any purchases. Instead, they just make a donation in the event that they just like the content.

“We call it social donations, social micro-donations, or social micro-payments since you actually pay for content,” he said. “You may have the content already, but you must pay for it.”

The content includes anything from music to software to articles whatever users think deserve a donation. Olsson said Flattr is “agnostic” to content so long as no laws are broken. Incidentally, Flattr was said for use as a technique of donating money to WikiLeaks after PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard bring to an end submissions to the positioning.

PayPal and other payment systems were a conventional as much as this point, but Flattr believes its service is a higher alternative for micro-donations. Olsson explained that, while PayPal is a superb platform, its system is “too tedious” for small payments because it relies on purchases.

“A micro-payment service has to be instantaneous and one-click and a no-brainer to take advantage of,” he said. “That isn’t PayPal.”

On the social side, Flattr is integrated into both Facebook and Twitter. Last week, the corporate also announced an Explore feature that permits users to follow content producers and fellow donators. Olsson told us that this selection was step one toward a more social and personalized experience through Flattr.

“Donations and financial payments toward content on the internet have to be as social because the content itself,” he mentioned.

According to Olsson, Flattr is taking social sharing to a completely different level. Due to the, he thinks that Flattr will soon be listed with your complete other social sharing buttons.

Would you be willing to “flattr” your favorite content- Could this alteration the best way businesses are funded- Please share.