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How basic SEO can help Amateur Bloggers

Millions of people blog daily, making it extremely difficult to get your site to rank the way you’ve always dreamed of, and without an in depth knowledge or excellent marketing team behind it, you may not get the amount of visitors you anticipated.
Nevertheless, basic SEO can help make a difference. The first part, and it may seem quite obvious relates to a domain, personalised domains are usually quite cheap to purchase, and by opting to get your own rather than a free blog domain, you can increase traffic.
‘Content is king’ many people say, and most of the time this correct. Google loves fresh posts, and original content, and to make sure the content reaches your intended audience, tag your posts, name your images, and make sure there are plenty of key words in the post, which match suitable search terms.
Too often, many amateur bloggers can focus on a trendy design, rather than SEO content, which ultimately makes a difference to visitors and rankings.
Another way search engines can give your article credibility is from interlinking and linking out your content, but it is important not to do this too much, especially between the same websites, as Google and other search engines can soon pick up on it and realise the same website links being utilised.
Basic SEO can usually boil down to common sense, and with a little bit more thought when publishing your own content, you can make valuable improvements.