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Finding A Font For A Webpage

Fonts are a great way to help explain something with the style of words, rather than the words themselves. Using different fonts is effectively changing the way the webpage looks, as opposed to changing the actual content. To see the use of fonts as a design choice is a good way to go about finding a fitting font.

There are an exorbitant amount of fonts available online. Any webpage design you are working on can be complemented with a font that suits the site perfectly. It’s just a matter of finding the one that works.

You can go about this in several ways. For example the many sites online that specialise in custom fonts is an obvious but worthwhile place to start looking.

Taking hints from other websites is also a great idea. Checking to see what works on other sites that you are a fan of visually can give you some inspiration on what to use.


Getting Perspective On Your Website

If you are designing or maintaining a website it can be a good idea to stop for a moment and try to take in what your website is all about. What is the overall theme of your site?

It’s quite an ambiguous thing to do, but slowing down, taking a step back and trying to view your website in a different way can broaden your perspective. This process can show you parts of your site that you perhaps never spotted whilst you were busy working on it.

Another great way to get this different perspective is to ask some friends or new people to take a look and to see what they feel is the overarching context of the whole thing. Take their advice to heart, even if it hurts, it can serve you greatly if you feel the site needs re-designing or improving in any way.




What Can I Do To Optimise My Site?

Did you know that most search engines can not “read” graphics? Did you also know that keywords and phrases in your “title tag”, “meta tags” (in the HTML of your site) and the references in the text are often very important for search engines to be able to analyze a websites relevance ranking for a search? Optimization title tags, meta tags and body text for search engines gives you a better chance of ranking highly for certain words or phrases you expect potential visitors to type in the search engines to find your site. Continue reading