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One page websites; Perfect for small businesses

One page websites are becoming more popular as more companies are creating their own websites. It is uncommon these days for a business not to have a website, as most marketing is now web based.

Creating a one-page website is perfect for small businesses, such as hair salons, coffee shops and small boutiques. As you scroll down the main page, the viewer can see all the information they need. Saying that, there are still menu buttons, but instead of taking you to a new page, it scrolls down to the relevant section.

A large scale website can be difficult to manage and is somewhat unnecessary for smaller businesses, pages can appear empty, sometimes making the business add irrelevant content to fill out the space. With a one-page design you can keep content direct and relevant and add eye-catching visuals to accompany any written text. So, if you are considering creating a new website for your small business, you may want to consider the benefits of a one-page design.

Google’s separate mobile index: What you need to know


If you’ve been reading about all things SEO recently then you probably know Google is set to release a separate mobile index.


This may eventually become their primary index. Some say that the desktop index will continue to be maintained separately, but will not be as up to date as the mobile index and will not receive as much of a focus.Obviously this hasn’t been confirmed but it’s certainly plausible considering Google’s position over the last few years. So for everyday businesses what does this mean?


Well it means if you only have a desktop website, one that not optimised for mobile devices, you could see your rankings diminish. Google wants people to have a good user experience when they search on mobiles, so this change shows that Google no longer wants to upset users by giving them unfriendly desktop websites in rankings. If you already have a mobile friendly website, then you could find yourself gaining higher positions in Google from mobile searches, but of course just having a mobile site isn’t going to get you to the top of the rankings straight away. You will also need to populate your site with fresh, engaging content. To rank well in Google you have to take the time to understand what they want in a website and for years they’ve made it perfectly clear that you need to have a website that is interesting, easy to navigate and packed with valuable and relevant information. If you create a mobile site and start focusing more on your visitors and their needs, you’ll definitely make improvements.


So don’t fear the change accept it and embrace it. If you do this you’ll be one step close to having a brilliant website that Google, and the people searching Google love!

Don’t rely on direct traffic forever

As a web marketing consualtant, I often hear from small business owners that they don’t need SEO because their direct traffic is through the roof. My response is simply “it won’t stay like that for long”. You have to do a serious amount of advertising online and offline to continuously increase direct visits to your website and whilst that’s possible you should never forget organic visits. The great thing about organic traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing is when you start to rank you’re getting tons of visitors for free. You’ll obviosuly have to pay your SEO agency a fee but you’ll be getting a much better return on investment for you businesses. If your organic traffic is on the way down and direct is on the way up it’s probably best you focus some attention on SEO because if you had the best of both worlds your business will be flying!

A Glimpse on SEO and its performance to bring in new business

SEO techniques are combined with the strategies of analytical reports, which decide the overall ranking of the web page among all the search results for a particular keyword or phrase. However, it is also important that these SEO Services are applied by a pro from the reputed IT Company as experience is a valuable factor in Search Engine Optimization.

As per the latest updates regarding SEO Services, it is very important to have the links in the order that users find it easy to navigate within a web page and out of it. In other words, links must be organized in the form that they offer a smooth way of navigation to users.

Include Quality Conten.

Nobody known if the search engine servers have really gone intelligent or it is just a clever algorithm that bots are now giving much importance to quality content instead of technical link building and relevant phrase inclusions.

Finding A Font For A Webpage

Fonts are a great way to help explain something with the style of words, rather than the words themselves. Using different fonts is effectively changing the way the webpage looks, as opposed to changing the actual content. To see the use of fonts as a design choice is a good way to go about finding a fitting font.

There are an exorbitant amount of fonts available online. Any webpage design you are working on can be complemented with a font that suits the site perfectly. It’s just a matter of finding the one that works.

You can go about this in several ways. For example the many sites online that specialise in custom fonts is an obvious but worthwhile place to start looking.

Taking hints from other websites is also a great idea. Checking to see what works on other sites that you are a fan of visually can give you some inspiration on what to use.