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Build Your Brand Through Social Media

A brand is more than just a product or a service; it’s a customer’s entire perception of you, so it’s something worth taking seriously. Of course, when you’re just getting started it will be more about the message you put across and the quality of your products and services, so do keep these following points in mind.

The way to go about it

It will do absolutely nothing for your reputation if you repeatedly say that you are ‘different’, you have to prove that through your actions. Building online brand is absolutely necessary as it will help your business flourish. You should start developing your brand from your website via blogs, videos, and articles, and through creating professional profiles on social media platforms.

It is also essential to set up social monitoring; this helps in managing and marketing your reputation. Make sure you lend your ears to what your community members, friends, fans and site visitors have to say. This will help you improve and cater to their needs, indirectly benefiting your own business. The right content could help you get the right kind of feedback from people, whilst you can craft content to drive user action when you know more about who your audience is.

Your aim should be to get your website good search engine ranking as this will help the web traffic to come rushing in. This is not a difficult task to attain if done the right way; you can also ask for tips from the many online marketing companies.

Interact with your friends, fans, community members and their friends on social networking sites; this is a must to grab their attention and gain recognition. Get brand ambassadors who will be able to tell more about your products and services to others in a more authentic manner. Engage with people too, and try turning visitors to your site into customers. Remember the influencers are your assets because they help grow your community by inviting others to join.

Making a conversion driven website

The correct website optimisation techniques to use to increase website conversion, contingent upon whether the activity is being driven by pay-per-click publicizing or regular internet searcher positioning. When concentrating on the imperative site advancement strategy of changing over activity got from normal internet searcher positioning.

Place your most important information “above the fold.” This is the information that will appear within a page’s initial viewable area. The web space above the fold is more valuable for attracting and keeping site visitors’ attention. Site visitors will scroll.

To convert the traffic, you must give reasons for people to engage you and not your competitor down the road. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Grab their attention. An effective strategy to increase website conversion is to provide a pricing strategy that changes the decision-making from a “yes/no” proposition to an “either/or” proposition.

Not every site visitor is ready to engage or make a purchase. As a result, it is important that you try to build trust and credibility immediately. There is no better way to reduce the barrier to engagement than to provide a testimonial, customer review or cast study relating to your products or services.

I am often surprised at how often I see a website that has very weak or very few strong calls to action. Your site should be focused on either driving an inquiry or sale. As a result, you should be telling site visitors exactly what action you would like them to take. Everywhere that you feature a product or service for sale asks for the order. Online video is engaging and is the perfect medium for communicating and educating prospective clients on your products and services. It is also an excellent way to boost brand awareness to new levels.

Live Chat – The drawbacks

Many big brands have live chat options on their website and it can play a big role in improving enquiries, conversions and sales. While this may be a great tool for big companies, there can be some drawbacks for small to medium sized businesses.

If you only have a small number of people available to answer questions, you’ll only disappoint visitors who find your chat service too slow or offline too often. You can obviously combat this by outsourcing the chat services, but then you lose some of the technical knowledge that may be required to answer visitors’ questions properly.

Live chat may also be a massive time waster for smaller businesses. Your customers and people who are very interested will happily contact you via email or by phone, but half interested individuals may swamp your team on the live chat, and they could well be timewasters.

Don’t rely on direct traffic forever

As a web marketing consualtant, I often hear from small business owners that they don’t need SEO because their direct traffic is through the roof. My response is simply “it won’t stay like that for long”. You have to do a serious amount of advertising online and offline to continuously increase direct visits to your website and whilst that’s possible you should never forget organic visits. The great thing about organic traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing is when you start to rank you’re getting tons of visitors for free. You’ll obviosuly have to pay your SEO agency a fee but you’ll be getting a much better return on investment for you businesses. If your organic traffic is on the way down and direct is on the way up it’s probably best you focus some attention on SEO because if you had the best of both worlds your business will be flying!

Opportunities for Expanding your Business

One of the best things about the internet, and conducting your business’s trade through it, is the incredible potential for growth it offers your business. While a brick and mortar business is more limited by their geographical location, so long as your business deals with things that don’t depend entirely upon a local consumer market, the chances are that you will have a much easier road to growth online than off. Even so, growing your company through the variety of online avenues does require time and expertise to get it right.


One of our goals here is to inform you about a wide range of ways in which you can help build your business to increasing levels of profitability. To do this online requires efficiently spending your marketing funds while also diversifying where your traffic is coming from and increasing the size of each of these streams of traffic too.


When you set out to accomplish these goals, it is important that you understand, as a primary goal, how you can build your reputation online. To do this will require that you build connections with other industry actors and try to build up a dialogue between you and your customers. For the latter you will have the basics such as having reviews and testimonies on your website, but, getting more advanced here, you will also need to create a solid footprint for all of the same qualifiers on other websites too.


For this process, you will have a number of review websites and forums, some which are industry specific and others that are a bit more generic. Social media is also key for this too, as they are the most populated “forums” around. You can use them to communicate with customers in a way that keeps them feeling comfortable with their environment while simultaneously establishing your authority on industry matters, which could in turn help sway people who are wavering about whether to purchase products and services from you or not.


To build your connections with other important authorities in your field basically means to try and establish reciprocal partnerships with them. An example of how you can do this is to establish a dialogue between yourself and a popular blog or informational site in your field, perhaps offering to share some of your expertise with the readers in return for promotional opportunities.


It is important to note that a reputation that is built on hot air can quickly cool out and deflate, so it is important that you provide people with substance. Artificially increasing the amount of authority your business and your website has can only go so far; to truly have a lasting impact, your efforts will need to be accompanied by a revitalisation of your website’s content. Building a database of all of the facts about your products and services on your website is one part of this, but you also need to make sure that all of these provide real quality and leave your customers feeling confident in coming back as repeat customers.